Winter Favourites

Greetings everyone!

I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on the things that I’ve been loving this winter. Mostly because I would love to do favourite posts, but I was thinking that monthly favourites might be too frequently. Let me know what you think?

So for winter there are certain things that I just cannot make due without. The specifics change from year to year, but the more general aspects tends to be constant. For example, where I live it gets pretty cold, so I am always wearing approximately 14 layers, 12 of them being wool, and I’m still cold. Therefore anything that can keep me warm is a necessity. And with that being said, let me show you the things that I have been loving this winter!


Let’s start with some fashion/beauty related things. The first thing that I have been loving my my hand cream. I was never much of a hand cream person, because I hated my hands being wet or sticky, but now I know what I was missing out on. It has completely saved my hands this winter, and this one, from TGR, that I have been using smells wonderfully of ginger tea and mint, on top of being amazing.

I have also been loving my red lipstick and eyeliner combo, which is basically the only makeup I wear. It’s pretty quick and easy to get done in the morning, but it makes you look strangely put together. I like that. My go to red lipstick has been the Isadora Perfect Matt Lipstick in 05 Femme Fatale and the liquid eyeliner I’ve been using lately is H&M’s Dipliner.

If you had happened to bump into me during these last months, chances are that you would have found me wearing at least one of these next two items. They are both from H&M, although I bought the cardigan years ago and the dress in October.


This cardigan is absolutely awesome, because it is perfect for me in every way. The right length, the right fit, the right thickness, gives the right amount of warmth, is black, you name it. I have come close to wearing it every day, because it has just been perfect to throw on over any outfit that I’ve been wearing.


When I bought this dress I was thinking that it would be great for the summer, and while I still do, I have used it so much this winter. I would not have thought that I would, as it is a tshirt dress. However, I have a thermal tank top that I wear underneath it, and then I pair it with my black cardigan and fleece tights. It is so comfortable, a really lightweight material and I just love it.


These are quite random favourites, but they really are favourites. I got into dark chocolate last summer, and not too long ago I found a delicious and SUPER CHEAP kind at my local grocery shop. This means that I am very obsessed. It is a great motivation and mini-reward when I’m studying and I absolutely love it to bits.

My other random / study-related favourite is the Pilot G-2 pen in 0.5 point. This one is actually in 0.7 point because I couldn’t find the 0.5 pint last time I ran out. I run out of these. I use them for everything, but my mock exams drain them because I have to write so much. They are absolutely amazing though. In Norway they (like everything else) are kind of pricey, but they are worth it to me. I am the kind of person that will practically kill my hand clutching a pen, but the ink just flows so smoothly out of this one, which makes me lighten my grip a little bit. Can you tell I’m in love with this pen?


And my last favourite: the studyblr community. I am so glad that I found the studyblr community, because it honestly helps me so much, and everyone here are so nice. I spend so much time just reblogging pictures and replying to messages. If I hadn’t been a part of the studysblr community I would definitely have gotten a lot less done than I do now. So honestly, I am so thankful for the studyblr community and it has definitely been a favourite this entire winter.


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