Weekly roundup – Week 10

Greetings everyone!

So this week was the first of two mock exam weeks. This doesn’t really have to mean a lot of stress, as the week in itself is pretty chill. However, before each mock exam I had some last minute work to do. Because of this, there was quite a lot of stress, loss of motivation and some not so good moments. But the rest of the week was good, so let’s hang on to that, right?


1. I had a lazy Monday morning and it was amazing. 2. And I made edible cookie dough (YUM!) 3. Last day before mock exams start. 4. The shop my friend works in has bomb lighting. 3. I CAN SMELL THE SPRING IT IS COMING

As mentioned above, the week started really nicely with a day off from school before the first mock exams. I still had to go in to school to deliver some assignments, but at least I didn’t have class. That meant that I was able to get quite a lot of studying done. And make cookie dough. Seriously, I did this for the first time on Monday and I think I’ve done it three times since. I am obsessed. 

I think most of my mock exams have gone well this far, although it is always hard to tell, especially with subjects like languages and social sciences, because you could have been totally off mark with your answer. For my Norwegian mock exam that I had on Friday, I actually wrote two answers instead of one, just because I had no idea if the first one was anywhere near the way they wanted. 

Wednesday and Thursday were not go so good days and mainly the reasons that I decided to have a study-free Friday and Saturday. I was frustrated, not at all motivated and generally just felt like shit. Fortunately my best friend was as always there for me, ready to help me deal and move on. If you ever find someone like that, keep them around. They are gold amongst the gravel of the world. 

As I said, I had a study-free Friday and Saturday, and it was awesome. I have planned out what studying I need to do for my mock exams next week, and I am doing nothing but that until I’m done. Then I’ll go back to studying for exams, hopefully with renewed motivation. If there is one thing the IB has taught me, it is that sometimes it is better just to not do anything, because you will only make it worse for yourself if you do. 

And with those words of wisdom out, there isn’t really more to say about my week. So tell me, how was yours?


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