Weekly roundup – Week 9

Greetings everyone!

This has been such a good week, oh my god. You wanna know why? I had my winter break and didn’t have school. It was wonderful. It was way to short though, and I’m just like not ready to go back to classes and stuff. Really though, it was such a good week and I really needed the time off.


1. Breakfast in bed is the best start to a break. 2. There has been a lot of schoolwork this break as well. 3. I’ve spent most of the break at our cabin. There was snow! 4. Naturally we went skiing. 5. And I did some more schoolwork.

Basically this week I have been so lazy. Usually I take so much time to spend with friends and stuff during the break, but that was not the case this time. I hung out with my best friend this week, but most of my friends were actually gone on their own holidays. I’ve been very content with this though. I really have just felt like being so lazy. 

Despite being lazy, I have actually gotten quite a lot of work done! Next week and the week after I have mock exams, so there is a lot of revision going on. Actually, I finished all the papers that our Chemistry teacher has put out for us. I literally have none left to do. I still have a lot of questions I can do, but I’m done with all the papers! Also, I finished my last Norwegian assignment ever! I only have two exams and two mock exams left to write in Norwegian, and after that I am free from writing academic stuff in that horrible language. 

As I mentioned, I’ve been spending some time at my family’s cabin this week. My entire family went there on Wednesday and stayed until today. There was lots of snow and we got two nice days of skiing. My brother’s girlfriend visited, there was a lot of Skyrim played and a lot of the ski world championship watched. This is Norwegian hyttekultur for y’all. 

And that has been my week! Now my computer is running out of battery and I’m too lazy to get the charger, so this’ll be the end. I’ll talk to you all next Saturday! Happy Spring!


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