Weekly Roundup – Week 7

Greetings everyone!

This week has probably been the most hectic one before my exams and mock exams. Or at least I thought it would be. Turns out two of the things I had due were postponed, but I finished them anyway. That’s not a bad thing at all. 


1. I got my molang diary this week! I love it! 2. I had a history test. Me no gusta. 3. And I’m still studying Chemistry. Forever studying chemistry.

Now we are officially only revising in all but two of my subjects, and I have a feeling it is going to drive me insane before my exams. I am very thankful that we’re not learning new things, don’t get me wrong. I love learning new things, but it is very nice not having to find a balance between revision and learning new material. However, the revision gets a bit repetitive, especially when all we do in all subjects is exam tasks. Oh well. Less than 80 days left until the first exam.

Another thing, I think my entire class has collectively gotten seniorites. In one way we are skipping class to revise on our own, but in another one, no one actually has the motivation to do anything. it’s a bit bad. At least we have some pretty understanding teachers. 

There is a lot of sickness going around right now, so we have been severely lacking in attendance these days, both teachers and students. After my bout with the flu right week I am still well though. I finally got my room cleaned up after that, and I am already feeling more productive for it. An untidy room really is one of the main things that put a damper on my productivity. The problem is that it makes me so unproductive that I can’t bring myself to clean it, and the cycle continues. 

Other than that, what is going on? Not much. I’m spending my time doing exam tasks, waiting for the housing applications for my uni to open, waiting for the summer holiday, waiting to hear back from the jobs I applied to, waiting, waiting, waiting. Time is passing in a blur and every day is the same. 80 days seem like too long. 

How has your week been? How long do you have until your exams?


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