Weekly roundup – week 6

Greetings everyone!

This week as been quite a good one, really. Things are winding down and I’m getting less busy, as well as getting more time off from school. Next week will be the only truly busy one for the rest of the year, apart from my mock exam- and exam weeks. 


1. Maths notes in maths class. 2. First part of the week in my bullet journal. 3. I take my bullet journal to bed with me, yes. 4. Days and days spent on the sofa. 5. Even when you’re sick, you need breakfast.

I haven’t actually done much this week, apart from schoolwork and going job hunting. I really wish I would be able to get a job this summer, but we’ll see how that goes. I have certainly spent a lot of time applying to just about every job in sight, but oh well. 

One of the reasons that not much have happened this week is that the better part of it has been spent in bed *eyebrow waggle* No, I’m kidding. I had the day off on Thursday and had planned to get a lot done, but when I woke up I had fallen quite sick. It’s not Sunday and what looked like the flu has turned into a lingering cold and me being zapped of energy. I’m not watching Pride and Prejudice for the second time in two days, and I have in general played all too many games on my phone. 

Today I’m going to have to try to get some schoolwork done, and I am after all writing the blog post, so I am hoping this means that I’m getting better and will be able to get back to work soon. 

How about you guys? Have you gotten bitten by the flu or a cold yet, or are you still up and running?


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