Weekly roundup – Week 5

Greetings everyone!

Can you believe we’ve already been through five weeks of 2015? That is absolutely mental to me. I know we always say that time goes hella fast, but it feels like it was New Year’s Eve yesterday and I am not at all ready for it to be February. On the other hand, I am very ready for it to be spring and for it to be May.


1. I’ve been tired a lot. 2. But i’m still making to-do lists. 3. And even doing some work. 4. Maybe a good breakfast will help. 5. Or just changing up my work space.

This week has been mostly filled with school and me not doing as much work as intended. I’m still struggling with getting back into the swing of things, and that isn’t at all helped by my overall lack of motivation. And now I’m actually getting the feeling that I’m falling behind. On one hand I don’t even care, but on the other I am getting more and more stressed out. We’ll see if I find a good way of dealing with this, hopefully I do. 

These past few weeks I have been getting a lot of headaches, and on Friday I went to the doctor to see if she would have some answers for me. Turns out they are tension headaches, likely from a combination of spending too much time either with homework or with the computer in general, and stress. I’ve therefore tentatively started working out, and I’ll likely start a week-long painkiller cure soon. We’ll see how it works out. Hopefully at least that hindrance to doing work will disappear. 

I finally finished the first draft to my TOK essay, I have finished my final economics internal assessment, I am working on one of my last Chemistry reports, I’ll be starting my second to last Norwegian assignment, I’ve handed in my final English assignment and I finally handed in my Maths paper. Things are nearing an end and I am finally starting to properly notice it. It is terrifying and exciting and I’m very ready for this to be over come May. 

How are you guys doing? Are you getting the work that you want done, done? Are you on par with your plans? Tell me about everything!


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