My Mug Collection


Greetings everyone!

The topic of this post is one very dear to my heart, because I just love mugs. I am at the point now where every time I come home from town I get an accusing look from my dad with the question “Did you buy another mug?” We are also at the point where there is barely enough room in our kitchen cupboard, and I think he is looking forward until I bring some of them overseas with me in the fall. Today I am going to share my five favourites with you, along with what I usually use them for.


1. This is the smallest mug, and I got it from my aunt for my birthday a few years back. It has a lot of hearts on it, and I just think it is absolutely adorable, especially considering how small it is. This one I usually use when I just want a small cup of hot chocolate in the morning, as I never have time to drink a big one. This way none goes to waste, and I can have it out of a super cute cup in addition.


2. This is the newest addition to the collection, and I’ve been talking about it plenty on my studyblr already. This one is reserved for tea, and all tea turn out kind of weak in it because it is so huge. I don’t mind though, and it is nice not having to worry about removing the teabag to keep it from getting too strong. Also there is just something about cradling a huge mug in both hands. 


3. This super pretty mug I got from one of my best friends for my birthday last year, and I love it. The pattern is gorgeous and it is the perfect size for a medium cup of tea. This one is also reserved for tea. 


4. This is another hot chocolate mug, and we actually have two of these. They are pretty huge, although not as huge as the second cup I showed you. I never have tea out of these, and they are the counterparts to the first mug I showed you. 


5. I drink both tea and hot chocolate out of this, and it is actually from IKEA. This one is pretty big as well, although probably the same size as the previous one. I also often put my smoothies in this when I make them, for some strange reason. 

As you can see, I love all of these for different reasons, but I love them all nevertheless. It is going to be really hard to decide which ones to bring with me next year, but at least I have now narrowed it down to five, and I suppose that is a good thing. 

Now I’m curious, do you guys have specific mugs for specific things, just like I do?


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