Weekly roundup – week 3

Greetings everyone!

This week has really been quite eventful. It’s also been full of schoolwork, although I’m still working on getting back into the modus I was in before Christmas. I’m still busy and things are still hectic, but they’re not that hectic, you know what I mean?


1. I changed the theme of my blog this week! Love it! 2. I’ve gotten obsessed with taping things into my bullet journal. 3. Noodles are life. 4. I’m trying to get back into maths. 5. I made homemade muesli bars!

First of all, I had a job interview on Monday. It’s for the local zoo/amusement part, and I really hope I get hired. I’m applying other places as well though, but it would be good to know that I at leas have one possible job this summer. I think it went relatively well, but we’ll wait and see. 

On Tuesday I had my driver’s exam, and I PASSED! I can now drive alone, and bloody hell that is scary. It is also super neat and just the best feeling to just be able to borrow my mum’s car and go where I have to without having to wait for the bus. I love it. 

The rest of the week I’ve had a lot of periods off from school, and while i’m loving the opportunity to get more schoolwork done, I still feel that I’m not as productive as I should be, which kind of sucks. i’ve been really distracted and not very motivated to work, but I hope that starts coming back soon. 

This week I also finished my Chemistry lab report, and I think I’m in pretty good shape when it comes to the test that we’re having. I have some stuff that I need to ask my teacher about, but otherwise I’m just going to continue doing tasks. I am also making good progress on my TOK essay and I think I’ll soon be done with the first draft. I am at 930 words at the moment, and it is supposed to be between 1200 and 1600 words long. As the first draft isn’t due until the 1st of February, I’m optimistic. 


Also, as you can see I have started doing some more cooking, and today I actually made both homemade muesli bars and apple crisps. We’ll see how they turn out, but I’m excited. I really like cooking and for Christmas I got a student cookbook for when I go to uni, so I’m really loving to try out recipes and stuff. I’m hyped!

What was the highlight of your week? I’d love to know!



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