Weekly roundup – Week 1

Greetings everyone!

So we’re finished with the first week of 2015 and the last week of my Christmas Break. Sad face. So this week has been New Years Eve and a lot of relaxing, as well as a lot of schoolwork not being done. Oh well, what is the break for, if not for relaxing?


1. This cup has been my go to these last days. It’s huge! 2. The end of a year in my bullet journal. 3. I actually did some schoolwork! 4. New Year’s Day breakfast. 5. Getting up today was a real bother. 

As I’m writing this (1:15 pm) I’m eating noodles for breakfast. I think that’s a good representative of what’s been going down this week. I’m eating whatever, whenever, not really doing all that much. On the bright side, I’ve done a lot of blog things. Scheduling, reading, organising and learning more. It is so exciting to have a proper hobby again. 

This week has definitely not been the most social, but I spent two evenings hanging out with my best friends, and New Year’s Eve was spent with my parents and a bunch of their friends. It was such a great time, and we all know that receiving drunken snapchats is hell of a lot funnier when you’re sober yourself. 

I’ve also gotten some driving done. I am so looking forward to being done. 

A few days ago I also received an email about being invited to a job interview for a job I applied for, which will be happening in just over a week. I am both terrified and excited, and I just hope that I get the job. I just really feel that I should be working before I go to uni, so that I have some spare cash. 

And that has just about been my week. I’m going back to school on Tuesdays, so we’ll see next week if a bit more has been happening. At least then I can tell you about school. When are you guys going back?



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