2015 Announcement


“Stock Photo” credit: Death to the Stock Photo (They are really awesome and you should all check them out!)

Happy New Year everyone!

So it is a new year, an a new start for all of us. it will also be a new start for this blog as well, I think. This past few months I have been posting study tips every Wednesday, but I decided that I will not be doing that in 2015. I might do some study tips roundups if you guys are interested in that, but I will not be continuing this series. I am simply running out of ideas and don’t feel like I can do as good of a job with them.

However, I am planning to keep doing my weekly roundups on Sundays, as well as posts every Saturday. I actually had some other ideas for series to do, but I think that I’ll keep it at two posts per week.

So in 2015 there will be a new post on both Saturday and Sunday every week. I have made an editorial calendar for all the way to June, but if you guys have anything you want to see, please tell me and I’ll move some things around. You could tell me either in an ask, as an answer to this post, or when you reblog it. After all, I love to provide content that you guys what to read. 

So here is to a good blogging year, and a good year in general!



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