Weekly roundup – Week 52

Greetings everyone!

So here we are. Last full week of 2014. My first, and second to last, week of  Christmas Break. As I’m writing this it is finally starting to feel like winter, which is something I’ve been missing. It’s snowing properly, which pleases me greatly. It wouldn’t be Christmas break without a bit of snow. 


1 & 2. Two of my Christmas presents: Dr. Martins boots and a moleskin journal. 3. Trying to get back into schoolwork is proving hard. 4. This is the little snow we’ve had. 5. At least I’ve gotten some reading done.

Christmas was this week, and as every other year it was lovely. I spent it with my mum, dad, bother and gran, and we went through our usual Christmas traditions on the 24th. The 23rd was spent with family friends, which I missed out on last year, so I was very happy to be there for that this year.

Other than the usual Christmas dos, it’s been a week of lazing around, hardly moving, eating too much chocolate and not caring. I haven’t been doing as much schoolwork as I should, and I haven’t cared about that either. It’s been incredibly refreshing. 

I’ve very slowly started to get back into doing some schoolwork at least, and I’ve started writing to do lists again, and utilising my bullet journal. It was a lot like reuniting with a forgotten friend. Which sounds very sad. 

Yesterday I spent an evening with my best friend, playing Little Big Planet and shouting at the tv when we died. It was loads of fun. Today will be a bit more quiet though. My mum is baking, and one of my friends (ex boyfriend) is home from uni for the break, so he’s coming over. We’re most likely going to spend hours watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

And that has been my week. How has yours been? Lots of relaxing, or a lot of time spent on schoolwork? Let me know!



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