Weekly roundup – Week 51

Greetings everyone!

Here we go again with the weekly roundups. This has been the second to last full week of 2014 and how insane isn’t that! Sadly, as I will come back to, there will be no little roundup of pictures this week, partly because there is little to  round up, and partly because I’ve gotten sick.


I wrote about my driving lessons last week, and this week I actually had my final obligatory one! I’ll be having my driver’s exam in January, so let’s all pray that goes well.

This week was also my last week of school, and Friday was the last day before the Christmas Holiday. It was so nice to have a small breakfast with my class and just chill out before we all parted for the holidays. I love that bunch of goofs so much. 

I have actually barely done anything this week when it comes to school, and compared to this year, that has been a very welcome change. I’ll be getting back to it after Christmas, but for now I am more than happy to take some time off to enjoy just being with my family and having the freedom to do whatever I want.

After school of Wednesday some of my friends and I actually decided that we should give socialising a go, so we actually went to the mall and hung out for a couple of hours. It was so much fun, I got some Christmas shopping done and overall it was just so nice to spend some time with them outside of school.

As I mentioned I was so unfortunate as to get sick today, so I spent the entire morning nauseous and the rest of the day in bed, sleeping from  4 pm to 6 pm, and then from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. This meant that I had to cancel some plans, which I am also doing tomorrow, but it was nothing that couldn’t be rescheduled. Right now my top priority is getting well for the holidays.

So that has been my week, and even though it ended on a bit of a low note, it has still been a good one. I hope you all had a great week as well, and that you will have a very nice holiday season!



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