Study Day Essentials


Greetings everyone!

For days that are completely dedicated to studying, like the one I’m having today, I like to make sure that everything is as prepared as it could be to prevent whatever could distract me from my studies. Of course, we’re all bound to be distracted anyway, but we can just as well do what we can to try and prevent it, yeah? Because of this I thought I’d put together a small collection of stuff that I think is important for these days.


One of the biggest distractions for me, apart form my phone and the glorious allure of the inter webs, is if I am not comfortable. This is why I look like I just rolled out of bed when I’m studying. If I’m writing an essay I usually tend to get a bit more done up, because I think it’s easier to word things properly and all, but for studying and reading and solving maths problems; comfort all the way. 

For me this usually includes joggers, a jumper and a pair of thick woollen socks. This is of course dependant on the season and everything, but most of the year it is so cold where I live that this is perfectly reasonable as as outfit. 

As for hair I usually wear it loose or in a low pony, as I get those terrible headaches from high ponies and buns alike. Most of the time I also don’t do my makeup or even brush my hair, simply because I don’t care. It’s not as if I’m going to be receiving suitors anyway. 

Other things for comfort

This for example includes what I’m sitting on. The chair. Lately I’ve been occupying my house’s kitchen table, which sadly has terribly uncomfortable chairs. The spinning office chair I have by my desk is much more comfortable, but the desk is much smaller, so this is simply a question of what I’m doing that day. However, I also make sure that bring a blanket with me, so that I can huddle in that if I get cold, or just feel like going back to bed while I still have stuff to do.

The supplies that are safe to eat

I used to prefer coffee when studying, but lately I’ve been having bad reactions to it, so I’ve fully switched to tea now. When studying I usually get out my biggest mug and keep making cup after cup in it the entire day. Occasionally I also do hot chocolate, sometimes with marshmallows. Also, for my Theory of Knowledge presentation I had a tiny bit of Irish cream (17% alcohol) in my hot chocolate, and that was amazing as well. And no, ToK is obviously not my best subject.

As far as food goes, I don’t have any specific study food. I’ll hopefully get up some recipes here eventually of snacks though. Most often though, I just eat what is available or what I’m feeling. Most often that is a slice of bread with chicken, salad and salsa. I’m also fond of toast, noodles, ice cream, chocolate and crisps, the three last ones obviously not being very healthy.

The important stuff


When getting ready for a day of studying, I like to get out everything that I’ll need from the very start. I pile it up in the order I’ll need it and just work my way through it. It rarely stays as neat through the entire day, but at least I start out at a good note. 

I bring all of my material, textbooks, notes, calculator, writing utensils, my planner – Everything that I could possibly need. If I don’t use it, fine, but at least I had the option. Even here I overpack. 

How do you guys prepare for a long day of studying? Is there anything that you just need to have with you? Let me know about it. I am always in need of stuff that can make those days just a bit more bearable.

– Mary


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